Digifort Professional


The Professional version supplies the ideal features for for the local and remote surveillance of up to 64 cameras per server, making it ideal for small, middle and large-sized installations, guaranteeing a robust installation, with high reliability and excellent performance at a compatible cost.

Digifort Professional allows the use of several models of IP cameras and video servers of various manufacturers (Check here the list of cameras supported by the system), thus making possible the choice of hardware which best meets the client’s needs.

The Professional version incorporates the best features and tools for your security project, offering centralized management for the operation and surveillance of cameras and alarms.

Digifort is recommended for medium and large-scale users who need some features such as PTZ by joystick, synoptics maps, up to 16 users accounts, Web Server, viewing of cameras by cell phone, integration with optional Digifort modules, etc.

With Digifort Professional you will have the possibility of controlling PTZ cameras PTZ by mouse or USB joystick, as well as a tool for PTZ by priority and advanced function.

In addition to the various functions of Digifort Professional, you can count on integration with the modules of Alarm and Automation and Digifort Evidence, providing the client the complete solution of surveillance, alarms and automation.

One of the most waited for and used tools of Digifort Professional is the synoptic map. With this you can include the floor plan of the monitored site and the simple drag, you include all of the surveillance devices attributing them to the sites of origin, for example: cameras, a set of alarm and automation modules or the I/Os of the cameras, you can also include: motion detectors, activation buttons of doors, lights, sirens, etc. All this being watched over by the operator and visually exhibited in the case of activation of one of these devices. In addition it can be configured to set of various alarm actions.

With Digifort Professional you will have a robust solution of digital surveillance (IP) of cameras with a wide variety of operational tools.


Digifort Professional v700 Datasheet