Digifort Evidence


Digifort, once again thinking of quality and ease of execution of the client’s processes, presents its most recent launch – DIGIFORT EVIDENCE.

That is an optional module of Digifort System that allows you to classify and document incidents and events within our surveillance system, including archiving and organizing of videos and files related with the event in question for later review, or for statistical analysis reporting. With Digifort Evidence the client can lower the cost associated with storage, reduce the time in review of events, diminish the maintenance time of the surveillance hardware, provide a better methodology and organization of the event information.

With Digifort Evidence the client can reduce his image archiving costs, reduce the occurrence look-up time, reduce maintenance time of the equipment involved in surveillance, have greater availability of information related to the event, have better organization of the documentation of these events and have a clearer vision of the occurred facts.

How It Works

When a relevant fact occurs (theft, robbery, accident, fire, vandalism, etc.) and is registered by any of the system’s cameras, the operator can, at that moment or at any convenient moment, export the video by way of the surveillance client and a form with pre-determined data or user-defined data for due register of the event is immediately opened, including: date, time, type of occurrence, operator, description of the event and measures taken by the operator. While the form is being filled out, the previously exported video is automatically annexed to the form. Any other document related to the fact can also be annexed, as deemed necessary by the client.

With this process, unlike anything else in the market, the client saves disk space, as only the parts relevant to the occurrence are stored, forming an event bank sorted by categories for rapid look-up, statistics, report generation and printed documents in PDF-format, giving flexibility to the user to save the file, print it or send it by e-mail.

The look-ups, statistics and reports can be screened by any set of standard form fields. This way, the user can have bar, pie, and line graphs of all events in seconds, as well as being able to quickly find a specific event and watch the video, without the long inquiries that exist today in traditional systems.

Example of Use

When a camera stops working, Digifort immediately warns the operator by way of programmed events (pop-up, e-mail, sound, etc.), at which time the operator can make a call for technical assistance, and the system will automatically send an e-mail message to the pre-defined responsible persons, informing them of the fact. This occurrence stays in open status until the solution of the problem when the person responsible for the maintenance fills out a form informing the measures taken. At this point, the operator will receive a new e-mail message of notification of the solution and can, after verification, approve or disapprove of the solution. If disapproved, the system automatically opens up a new technical assistance call related to the unapproved ocurrence and continues the normal process.

Help Desk System

Even within the Digifort Evidence , is available from the Help desk system to meet the maintenance of equipment related to monitoring (operating room, cameras, servers, monitoring station, transmission media) that will expedite solution and monitoring problems hardware.Com Digifort Evidence you can manage all orders issued by users.

Optionally, the administrator can monitor the whole process by receiving e-mail notifications issued by the system. Graphs, reports and statistics are available for viewing and printing.


  • Register and manage incident reports
  • Attach exported videos
  • Attach documents and images
  • Organization of videos and documents
  • Generate reports
  • Generate statistical graphs
  • Categorize events and occurences
  • Multi user support with hierarchy management
  • Custom field creation
  • SQL Database compatibility
  • Search by category, date, time, camera or keyword
  • Customizable logo for incident reports
  • Generate cutom reports based on user filters
  • Register internal occurences
  • Search occurences by user
  • Notifications based on occurence status
  • Categorize technical occurences
  • Unlimited user registering
  • Unlimited events and occurences
  • Single purchase license
  • Natively integrated with Digifort