Digifort Enterprise


The Enterprise version is the package that comprises all of the features available in the Digifort System, offering total management of unlimited cameras and alarm devices, and is ideal for any company that wants total control of its security project, guaranteeing high performance, reliability and scalability.

Digifort Enterprise allows the use of several models of IP cameras and video servers of various manufacturers (Check here the lists of cameras supported by the system), has making possible the choice of hardware which best meets the clients needs.

The Enterprise was developed for the purpose of preserving the clients’ investments, maintaining all of the characteristics of the last versions combined with new and exclusive features, as well as provide greater scalability for future expansions, with no limitation of software features.

Digifort Enterprise is recommended for medium and large-scale users and for those who need a surveillance system with unlimited tools and functions and of high technology, capable of including solutions for alarms, access control and automation.

In addition to the functions available in the other versions of the software, such as: Web Server, PTS by Joystick, advanced PTZ and PTZ by priority, synoptic maps, viewing of cameras by cell phone, etc., Digifort Enterprise is equipped with the possibility of integration of an unlimited number of alarm and automation modules, and unlimited number of cameras, IP filters, server status reports and even automated Backup of the net’s recording directory.

The IP Filter feature allows the administrator to define a list of authorized and unauthorized IPs for access to the Digifort server, controls the IP at which the user will have login rights, as well as programmed times and days. With this measure, any external access attempt to the server can be blocked, freeing only those for local access or even allow access for only some of the local network’s workstations.

Another important feature which Digifort Enterprise offers is the transmission of server functioning reports. It’s possible to configure how often the report will be sent to the group of contacts that will receive the report. This report will contain all actions carried out in the system by the users and the internal functioning of the server.

With Digifort Enterprise you will have the best digital surveillance (IP) solution for cameras and alarms available in the market.


Digifort Enterprise v700 Datasheet