Digifort InSight

  • Original monitor’s resolution percentage from 10 to 100%
  • Communication via TCP/IP
  • Views any monitor of the station in which it is installed
  • Compression in MJPEG
  • Compression quality from 0 to 100
  • Option of automatic initialization with the operational system
  • Option of hidden initialization
  • Integration with Video-Wall, TVs and monitors
  • Screen capture of local and remote administrative and operational computers
  • Screen capture of computers with IP or analogic camera monitoring
  • Visualization of cameras, alarms and automation in the same Digifort mosaics
  • Visualization via cell phones with Java 2 ME, Android, iPhone and iPad
  • Image recording in the Digifort servers
  • Search and reproduction of screen recordings of these computers
  • Possibility of live or recorded virtual PTZ in the surveillance screen
  • Possibility of display of the full-screen image in video-wall or in other monitors
  • Several operational features of the camera surveillance system are available for InSight
  • Several other features available
  • Free module, requiring only camera license
  • Available from version 6.7

Note: The pre-release version of the Digifort Insight module is available for tests in our site. This pre-release works with Digifort 6.6 version.

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Digifort InSight is a screen capture software that is able to run in any computer having a Windows operating system.

This software works as an IP camera, generating streaming video to the Digifort server containing the desktop screenshot of where it is installed.

This solution allows the visualization in the Digifort Surveillance Client of all the workstation monitors in which it is installed, enabling the display of a set of screens in the Digifort mosaic, simulating a Video Wall, among several other solutions.

The Digifort InSight was developed in order to preserve the client’s investment, maintaining all the IP cameras characteristics.

With the Digifort InSight you will have the best solution for monitor surveillance, integrated to the Digifort software.


  • Screen capture of administrative computers, such as the ones from staff
  • Screen capture of critical mission computers, such as the ones from the financial area
  • Screen capture of operational computers, such as the ones with alarms, automation, access control, fire prevention, etc…
  • Screen capture of productive area computers, such as machine and equipment control
  • Screen capture of camera monitoring computers

For Digifort clients, simply purchase the number of camera licenses corresponding to the numbers of screens you wish to capture. There is no purchase cost for the module. The InSight module works with all versions of Digifort. Consider the limit of licenses for each edition of Digifort, as follows:

  • Explorer = 16 licenses
  • Standard = 32 licenses
  • Professional = 64 licenses
  • Enterprise = the limit is related to your server’s capacity

Keyboard Controller: The keyboard controller Digifort DGF-KB1000 was developed exclusively for the Digifort System to provide faster and easier your entire operation, allowing eliminate keyboard, mouse and joystick. The keyboard is multi-use with dual functions and has a joystick with integrated variable speed pan, tilt and PTZ functions. However PTZ features only work on devices that support PTZ Joystick for, please check the link Integrated Equipment compatibility with your equipment.


  • Camera shortcut: Show a specified camera on screen.
  • Virtual matrix: Send camera video to another server monitor.
  • Previous screen style: Select left mosaic.
  • Next screen style: Select the right moisac.
  • Full screen: Set selected object (camera, analytic, lpr) as Full Screen.
  • Hide toolbar: Hide survaillence client toolbar.
  • Resfresh: Refresh the survaillence client.
  • Motion detection: Toggles the use of motion detection on the surveillance client.
  • Mosaic: Changes mosaic.
  • Screenshot: Saves a quick screenshot of the selected camera.
  • Events: Trigger na event.
  • Virtual Mouse: Enables and disables the feature to control the mouse from the Keyboard Controller.
  • Mouse left button: Mouse left button click.
  • Mouse right button: Mouse right button click.
  • Virtual Keyboard: Open and close Digifort Virtual Keyboard.
  • Opening iris: Opens the selected camera’s iris to increase picture brightness.
  • Closing iris: Closes the selected camera’s iris to reduce brightness of the image.
  • Focus near: Adjusts clarity of focus to a nearby object.
  • Focus far: Adjusts sharpness of focus for distant objects or landscapes.
  • PTZ Block: Block and unblock PTZ features of the selected camera.
  • Presets: Call a preset by the index.
  • PTZ Patrol: Change PTZ Patrol Scheme.
  • Virtual PTZ: Enable and disable Virtual PTZ.
  • Simple PTZ: Enable and disable Simple PTZ.
  • Zoom out: Zoom out the selected camera.
  • Zoom in: Zoom in on selected cameras.
  • Media player: Starts the media playback.
  • Media player controls Start playback, selects the recording time, fowarding recording, previous recording, start and pause video playback.
  • Play & Pause: Start and pause the video on media player.
  • LCD for camera identification: Shows surveillance informations.
  • Joystick: Move PTZ cameras.

USB Connection: No need to acquire licenses to uses Digifort Keyboard Controller. Use one Digifort Keyboard Controller for client.


  • Explorer v. 6.4.0 or upper
  • Standard v. 6.4.0 or upper
  • Professional v. 6.4.0 or upper
  • Enterprise v. 6.4.0 or upper

Biometric Reader: The Digifort Biometric Reader is an integrated equipment in Digifort that allows control of system logins via Biometrics. The biometric login eliminates leakage problems, management, and loss of passwords and even strengthens the security of the system.

Increasingly it is necessary to the greatest secrecy of information, today systems with passwords are very vulnerable, being relatively easy to carry out attacks.

The Digifort Biometric Reader moves the user’s responsibility to the system, which considerably reduces the security risks inherent in the use of passwords.

Some features:

  • USB Connection
  • Easy installation
  • Easy capture of the finger print
  • Better control of users
  • Improved security system